Monday, February 11, 2008

Etsy Artist of the Week

Since this is my first "Etsy Artist of the Week", I figured I should start with the person that introduced me to etsy, moondogtreasures.

Moondog is a friend of mine who does incredible work with any material she can get her hands on. Here's a little bit about her and her philosophy:

i am a yoga teacher w/ a penchant for pendants. i sell my designs at a local yoga studio.

i started creating my own jewelry when i realized that i was really picky when it came to the jewelry i wanted to buy and wear.

like most jewelry artists, i made my jewelry just for me. people would compliment me on what i was wearing and i would go home and make the same item for them. that's when i realized i could actually make a business out of this.

i love creating pieces with wire and beads. my favorite colors are ocean and earth colors. last year i started making wire-wrapped crosses. those quickly became my best seller.

i recently learned how to solder, so be on the lookout for new pendants, ornaments, and magnets. i can do custom orders, just let me know what you want.

Go check out moondog's shop and show her some love.


Moondog said...

thanks for the feature. you're a good friend!

rtisan said...

very unique pendant!

Mary Beth said...